Saturday, December 15, 2012

Finally, SNOW!!

The storm came through for us big time. Several inches in town and it's still snowing as I type. I think I'm gonna dust off my snowboarding gear and head to the mountain Sunday to get my slide on!
Rotary Park, a day later 

                                                                 The Animas River trail

                                                                      The Swinging Bridge

                                                                     The Animas River

                                                        The Fassbinder Neighborhood

                                                                  Driving down Florida Rd.

                                                            On Main Ave. near 10th St.

                           Out in the North Valley off of CR 250, the East Animas Ditch in the foreground

                                         The Animas River Trail under the Main Ave. bridge

                                                                       Main Ave. at 10th St.


  1. Oh, how wonderful and beautiful! Our roads would all be closed with snow like that.