Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vallecito Conglomerate

This lovely garden wall, which can be found at 3rd Ave. and 8th St. is mostly made of my favorite local rock type, the Vallecito Conglomerate. These stones originated from the Vallecito Creek Valley to the East and are dated to be around 1.7 Billion years old! As you can see, they are a mix of pebble-to-cobble sized stones of varying types. The Vallecito Conglomerate is only found around Vallecito and other areas around Durango and points downstream where it may have been washed to. Its beauty is supplemented by the knowledge of it's extreme age and the rocks become exquisitely bright when you pour some water on them. If you ever visit our corner of the World, see if you can recognize this beautiful rock type!

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  1. I love rock walls. I have been meaning to ask, do you like living there better than Santa Fe?