Saturday, May 26, 2012

Greenmount Cemetery

I took a walk through the cemetery a couple of days ago. It was the first time I have visited the graveyard and I was struck by the beauty of the well-kept grounds. It was fun to go around and look at the beautifully decorated headstones. There are some pretty old dates on some. The oldest that I noticed was around 1885.

I had a nice time visiting the graveyard, except for one little detail. As I was coming into the cemetery, I looked but did not see any signs indicating what time the gates would close. I was there just before the sun set, and as darkness fell I was starting to leave. When I got to the gate, It was locked. I couldn't believe it. I got back in my vehicle and drove up to the office, but no one was there. I drove back down to the gate and noticed there was a sign posted that said to call the police dept. if the gates were locked. Has this happened to someone before? I called and a deputy came after fifteen minutes. He opened the gate and let me out and that ended my cemetery experience.

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