Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fassbinder Park

This great, shady park in Durango is one of many, but this one has some interesting history to it.

Peter Fassbinder and his wife, Kathrine were homesteaders who came to Animas City via Silverton and Rico to the north. Fassbinder homesteaded 160 acres north of the City of Durango in 1878 and quickly subdivided it for development. His addition was filed on April 28, 1882. He built the first bridge over the Animas river connecting Durango to his subdivision, brought  fresh water to Durango from a spring on his homestead, and  later generously donated land to the City for this park, to the Catholic Church for the St. Columbia Church, and to the Sisters of Mercy for the Mercy Hospital.

Today this park is a popular place for picnics, parties, and just hanging out. This is also where the Occupy Durango movement was held last fall.

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